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Why Ment Tech

By partnering with us, you will open up new avenues for education, progression, and advancement.

Ment Tech is a unique organization where you'll not only join a Blockchain & AI development company, but you'll become a member of a vibrant and innovative culture. Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about delivering innovative solutions and making a difference in the world. Our philosophy is centered around continuous learning, experimentation, and improvement, and we strive to create an environment that fosters these values.

Learn from Best

Learn from Best

Collaborate with seasoned professionals who possess extensive practical experience in a wide range of technologies.

Open Culture

Open Culture

Join an engineering environment characterized by versatility, liberty, and confidence.

Grow with U

Grow with Us

Attend frequent seminars and engage in knowledge-sharing sessions for your personal and professional growth.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Obtain thorough medical insurance and undergo frequent health assessments to sustain optimal employee fitness.



A dynamic team of skilled individuals collaborating towards a shared objective.

Work-life Balance

Work-life Balance

Join festive parties, outdoor activities, and engaging sessions to cultivate a lively and upbeat work atmosphere.

Life @Ment Tech

Powered by a Team-Oriented and Mutual Development Culture

At the core of our organization, we cherish the creation of a flourishing engineering culture while prioritizing an optimal work-life balance. We achieve this by offering various opportunities such as training sessions, workshops, and impromptu celebrations, all geared towards acknowledging and celebrating our employees' achievements. Our reward system places great emphasis on recognizing exceptional performance, leading to reduced attrition rates within the industry and fostering a profound sense of fulfillment among our dedicated team members.


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Continuously expand your knowledge by taking online or in-person courses or reading books on any subject matter


Explore a new dining establishment and sample the local cuisine or travel to a new city and indulge in its gastronomic offerings


Continuously broaden your horizons by booking a trip to discover a new city, including expenses for accommodations, transportation, and more


Revitalize with music and improve team communication with higher-quality headphones


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Engaging, supportive, and open-minded community
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Ment Community


Join our exclusive developer community at Ment Tech and access opportunities for learning, growth, and pursuing your passions

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The Places We Can Hire

At Ment Tech, we embrace a remote work culture and have offices in various states and countries.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work

Diversity & Inclusion at Work

At Ment Tech, our goal is to create a positive and welcoming work environment by promoting diversity and inclusiveness in our culture.

Having Fun at Work

Invest in Yourself

Our platform is constructed with equity grants, allowing you to have a share in our future success. For full-time employees, the company offers attractive 401k plans and matches 50% of the employee's total contribution, up to the IRS 402(g) limit.

Having Fun at Work

Continue to Grow

Uncover your preferred way of learning. Every year, you will be allocated funds to fulfill your learning and personal development aspirations, including attending conferences and purchasing books.

Having Fun at Work

Having Fun at Work

We believe that autonomy, self-direction, and a balanced work-life balance are crucial for achieving great things. Our employees enjoy flexible schedules and time off, and we believe that you should be able to work from any location where you can be productive and happy.

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