OTC & P2P Trading Platform Turnkey Solution

Explore the future of trading with our OTC & P2P Trading Platform Turnkey Solution. Combining high-volume capacity, secure transactions, and user-friendly design, this platform provides the perfect ecosystem for efficient trading. Experience advanced features like dispute resolution, centralized web wallet, and diverse payment methods for a seamless trading journey. Transform your trading operations today!

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How does OTC & P2P Trading work?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading are two distinct methods used for buying and selling assets. Although they are different, both of these systems offer unique benefits and enable direct transactions, bypassing traditional exchanges. Here's how they work:

OTC Trading: In Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading, transactions are carried out directly between two parties without the oversight of an exchange. This method is often used for large-volume trades, as it minimizes price slippage and enhances privacy.

P2P Trading: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading involves buyers and sellers interacting directly, typically through a platform that offers the necessary infrastructure and security measures, including an escrow service. This system is popular for its transparency, lower costs, and diverse payment methods.

Expand your Class Ecosystem with OTC Trading System

Expedite your development process, conserve valuable time and resources, and set up an unparalleled trading platform tailored to your brand with our OTC & P2P Trading Platform Turnkey Solution. Our platform eliminates intermediaries, fostering a highly transparent environment ideal for existing exchanges, and promotes direct communication between buyers and sellers.

Whether you represent a hedge fund, a family office, or are a high net worth individual, our flexible pricing options and custom solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements. Our seasoned team of professionals is committed to delivering superior service and support, ensuring a smooth and efficient trading journey.

Our platform enhances accuracy and transparency in the trading process, guaranteeing that all parties involved are content with the transaction's outcome. For institutional and high-net-worth investors, our platform's deep liquidity facilitates the secure, discreet, and efficient fulfillment of large orders. Opt for our OTC & P2P Trading Platform and redefine your trading experience.


Advanced Features of OTC & P2P
Trading Platform

Explore the powerful features of our comprehensive OTC & P2P Trading Platform. Designed with advanced technology, it offers a secure, efficient, and user-friendly trading environment. Our platform integrates a high-speed matching engine, robust risk management system, seamless APIs, and secure wallet options. It supports multi-currency transactions, ensuring a versatile trading experience. With robust KYC/AML protocols, distributed ledger technology, and high scalability, our platform is tailored to exceed your trading expectations.

Powerful Matching Engine

The matching engine is the heart of any trading platform, responsible for pairing buy and sell orders. Our engine is designed with a high-throughput architecture, which means it can process a large number of transactions per second. Low latency ensures these pairings occur almost instantaneously, reducing the time lag between order placement and execution. This feature is crucial for traders, as even a fraction of a second can significantly impact a trade's outcome.

Advanced Risk Management System

This system integrates a set of automated protocols designed to safeguard the trading platform and its users from potential risks. These protocols include price volatility checks that prevent transactions during erratic market behavior, volume-based restrictions to limit trades of unusually large volumes, and automated suspicious activity detection to identify and mitigate potential fraudulent actions or market manipulations.

Robust APIs

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are sets of rules that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. Our robust APIs provide seamless interoperability with third-party applications and services, such as payment gateways, wallets, and analytics tools. This allows users to customize their trading experience and use the platform in a way that best suits their needs.

KYC/AML Compliance Module

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, the platform incorporates a streamlined process for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. This module helps verify user identities, check against sanction lists, and detect suspicious activity.

Multisignature Wallet Support

Multisignature (or multisig) wallets require multiple parties to approve a transaction before it can be executed. This feature adds an extra layer of security to the asset storage and transfer process, protecting users' assets from unauthorized transactions or potential internal breaches.

High Scalability

Scalability is a critical aspect of any trading platform. Our solution is designed to handle rapid increases in trading volume seamlessly. Whether there's a gradual increase in platform use or sudden spikes in trading volume due to market changes, our platform's performance remains uncompromised.

OTC & P2P Solution Key Highlights

Direct Transactions

OTC & P2P trading platform solutions enable direct buying and selling of cryptocurrencies between users without the need for a central intermediary like a traditional exchange (CEX).

Control over Pricing

In OTC & P2P trading, users have full control over the pricing of their transactions, allowing them to set their own buying and selling prices.

Global Marketplace

OTC & P2P trading platform solutions provide access to a global market of cryptocurrency buyers and sellers from various countries.

Multiple Payment Methods

OTC & P2P trading platform solutions offer a wide range of payment options, including in-person cash transactions, giving users more flexibility in conducting transactions.

Escrow Services

OTC & P2P trading platform solutions use escrow services to secure transactions, ensuring that funds are held until both parties confirm the completion of the transaction.

Protection Against Fraud

OTC & P2P trading platform solutions incorporate feedback and rating systems to establish trust and reduce the risk of fraud between counterparties.

Arbitrage Opportunities

OTC & P2P trading allows users to take advantage of price differences between different fiat currencies and exchanges, creating arbitrage opportunities.

Personalized Offers

Sellers and buyers can customize their offers, including exchange rates, payment methods, and transaction amounts, subject to agreement by both parties.

Zero Trading Fees for Takers

Some OTC & P2P trading platform solutions offer transactions without charging trading fees, although it's essential to review the terms and conditions.

Safety Measures

The safety of OTC & P2P trading depends on the platform's security measures, including escrow services, security updates, and identity verification.

Added Security Layer

OTC & P2P trading platform solutions implement feedback systems and ratings to provide an additional layer of security for users.

Benefits of OTC & P2P Trading Platform

The OTC & P2P cryptocurrency trading platform solution offers significant benefits to those who choose to buy and set it up for their customers. Firstly, it presents a lucrative revenue generation opportunity. By providing an OTC & P2P trading platform, businesses can attract more customers interested in direct and personalized cryptocurrency transactions, leading to increased trading activity and higher transaction volumes, ultimately boosting revenue.

Secondly, the platform's global market access is a major advantage. Customers gain access to a diverse marketplace of cryptocurrency buyers and sellers from various countries, expanding the potential customer base and creating opportunities for cross-border transactions, thereby increasing the platform's global reach and appeal.

Moreover, the platform allows businesses to diversify their services. For those already operating in the cryptocurrency industry, this presents a strategic move to attract new customer segments and retain existing clients by offering them a more comprehensive and user-friendly trading solution.

Lastly, the platform offers customization and control, enabling the platform owner to tailor the trading environment to their preferences. They can set trading fees, transaction limits, and supported payment methods, providing flexibility to meet specific customer needs and preferences. This level of control gives them a competitive edge in the market.

In summary, the OTC & P2P cryptocurrency trading platform solution empowers buyers to create a secure, user-friendly, and profitable trading environment for their customers. It enhances revenue potential, broadens market access, diversifies services, and provides a competitive advantage, making it a valuable investment for businesses seeking growth and success in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

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A Walkthrough with OTC & P2P
Turnkey Solution

Our OTC & P2P trading solution empowers you to have full control over your user base, ensuring that only approved and verified individuals gain access to your platform. By implementing robust KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, our product enables businesses to verify the identity of their customers, bolster overall security, and significantly reduce the risk of malicious activities

In the realm of OTC trading, KYC plays a crucial role in verifying traders' identities and preventing fraudulent transactions. Our solution allows traders to link their custody wallets to the platform, providing transparent proof to other traders that the assets being traded are fully controlled by the customers themselves. This feature enhances trust among traders and eliminates fraudulent activities from the trading process, fostering a safe and reliable trading environment for all users.


With our OTC & P2P trading solution, you benefit from a 30-second lock on asset prices during negotiations, granting traders the flexibility to refund, re-price, validate, or cancel orders as needed. This feature enhances the trading experience by allowing for smooth and adaptable transactions.

Our Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading service is specifically designed to cater to institutions and high-net-worth individuals, offering them access to extra liquidity and personalized service. This ensures that large orders can be efficiently filled, providing a seamless and tailored trading experience for our esteemed clients.

Our OTC & P2P trading solution empowers traders with complete control over their transactions. Before each trade is executed, our platform verifies and validates all the trade details, ensuring accuracy and security. To provide an additional layer of safety, we implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced user protection. Once the trader confirms execution, the trade is settled instantly, delivering lightning-fast transaction processing for a seamless trading experience.


With our OTC & P2P trading solution, accessing up-to-date deals information is just a click away. Our platform provides comprehensive transaction details, including the transaction ID, time stamp, amount, fees, and counterparty, all conveniently located on one screen. This ensures that you can easily keep track of all your transactions with ease and efficiency.

Furthermore, our OTC desk supports a wide range of fiat currencies and digital asset currencies, covering all major global markets. This extensive currency support allows you to conduct seamless trades across different markets, providing you with a global reach for your trading needs.

Data Security

Backup of data in two modes

Two data backup modes are available: real-time replication and daily scheduled backup. Real-time replication instantly mirrors changes, providing continuous protection. On the other hand, the daily scheduled backup saves modified data at predetermined intervals, ensuring regular data preservation. Choose the mode that suits your needs best.

Authorization through
two-factor authentication

Exchange employs two-factor authentication to bolster the security of multiple admin panels. This process entails sending a secure link via email and requesting a token, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to the system. By requiring both the secure link and token, the system ensures enhanced authorization measures, safeguarding sensitive information and bolstering overall security.

IP-based access restrictions

IP-based access restrictions involve associating an IP address with a login password or key to control system access. In Exchange, for instance, the payment system can only be accessed from a pre-defined IP address, ensuring secure and limited access to authorized users. This mechanism adds an extra layer of protection, mitigating potential unauthorized access and enhancing overall security measures.

Database with encryption

Client personal information is stored in an encrypted database partition, ensuring that the data remains inaccessible even from the server itself. This encryption measure provides an additional layer of security, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access and protecting the privacy of clients' data.

Replication of databases securely

Secure replication of databases is achieved through SSL-enabled database replication, effectively eliminating the risk of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. By employing SSL encryption, the data transmission between the databases is protected from interception and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the replicated data.

Access Security

Access logs

For auditing and security purposes, all database server accesses are logged, providing a comprehensive trail of actions, including details like timestamps, users, operations performed, and data involved. This meticulous logging ensures accountability, helps detect potential breaches, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and data governance practices.

External data exchange that is secure

To ensure secure external data exchange, a unique authentication key is used when interacting with external systems like payment systems. After each data exchange, the signature is verified to guarantee its authenticity and maintain a high level of data security and integrity throughout the process. This approach provides a robust and reliable method to safeguard sensitive information during external data transactions.

SSH Keys

SSH keys are employed by Ment Tech personnel for server access, with access limited to a select few individuals who use encrypted disks on their computers. This measure effectively mitigates data breach risks resulting from laptop theft, ensuring the utmost confidentiality of sensitive information. By combining SSH keys and encrypted disks, the company ensures robust security measures are in place to safeguard critical data from unauthorized access.

Document security

Document security is prioritized by not storing any client documents within our database. Instead, data processing takes place through a cloud-based solution offered by a third-party provider. For utmost protection, all client documents are securely stored by third-party KYC (Know Your Customer) providers, strictly adhering to the contract terms. This approach ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive client information.

Change monitoring

Change monitoring is a crucial aspect of our security measures. We conduct continuous monitoring of critical data, including password hashes. In case of any alterations, immediate notifications are sent through two separate channels, ensuring real-time awareness and bolstering our security protocols. This proactive approach helps safeguard against potential security breaches and enhances overall data protection.

High-level DDoS mitigation is employed to secure our servers, preventing disruptive bad traffic while allowing good traffic to pass through smoothly, ensuring high availability and optimal performance of websites, applications, and APIs.

Dedicated Support Team

We are dedicated to providing support and taking responsibility when you need assistance, and will never pass the buck by saying it's not our issue. We maintain a comprehensive logging system for all comments and details from our developers across our entire product line, ensuring that we are able to assist you effectively without having to repeatedly ask for information.

Resources & Tutorials

Ment Tech places a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional user experience. This is achieved by partnering closely with clients and providing a wealth of tutorials and resources to assist with technical needs. The team is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience.


At Ment Tech, education is a key part of our service offering. We strive to provide our clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed, which is why we offer video training and demonstrations in addition to a wide range of tutorials and materials. Our goal is to ensure the ultimate user experience for our clients.

Dedicated Experts for Each Project

At Ment Tech, we take great pride in our commitment to excellence. With an unwavering dedication to delivering successful outcomes, we ensure that every project is handled by a team of dedicated experts. These professionals are carefully assigned based on their specialized skills and knowledge, ensuring that each endeavor receives the attention it deserves. Our emphasis on English language proficiency further ensures effective communication and understanding throughout the entire project lifecycle. Experience the difference of having expertly assigned teams working passionately to achieve your goals .


Project Manager

We provide each of our clients with a dedicated project manager, readily available to address inquiries and cater to their specific needs.


QA Engineer

All our projects are supported by a dedicated QA Engineer, ensuring meticulous testing and quality assurance to meet the highest standards of excellence.


DevOps Engineer

Our dedicated DevOps Engineer ensures seamless integration, continuous delivery, and efficient infrastructure management for successful project development.


UI & UX Engineer

Our UI/UX Engineer crafts intuitive designs and seamless interactions, delivering exceptional user experiences for your project.


Blockchain Engineer

The Blockchain Full-Stack Engineer develops innovative solutions, combining front-end and back-end expertise for execution.


Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst plays a crucial role in analyzing and interpreting data to inform effective business strategies, ensuring successful project outcomes.

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