NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution

Are you a visionary entrepreneur or an ambitious project looking to make a significant impact in the NFT space? Do you dream of reaching a broader audience across various blockchain networks, from Ethereum and Polygon to BSC, AVAX, Solana, Bitcoin Ordinals, Litecoin, and Doge Network? Look no further! Our cutting-edge Cross-Chain NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution is here to make your dreams a reality.

What is a NFT Launchpad?

An NFT Launchpad is an innovative platform that plays a vital role in the early-stage funding and successful launch of non-fungible token (NFT) projects. Functioning as a springboard for aspiring creators, it provides a secure and efficient space to present their groundbreaking NFT ideas to potential investors. Through an early funding round, creators gain financial support from eager investors who purchase NFTs tied to their projects. This cost-effective alternative to traditional methods allows creators to mint and store NFTs hassle-free. By connecting creators with a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts and investors, NFT Launchpads foster growth and innovation within the NFT space, driving the democratization of digital art, collectibles, and unique experiences in the blockchain-powered world.


Why Choose Our NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution?

It Grants Access to a Massive Pool of Investors and Projects

Our NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution offers unparalleled benefits, including multi-chain compatibility, effortless deployment, top-tier security, and reliable customer support. Embrace the power of our platform and propel your NFT project towards new heights of success and recognition in the dynamic world of blockchain and digital assets.

It Protects Both Customers and Creators

Comprehensive Multi-Chain Support: Our NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution stands out with its extensive support for multiple blockchain networks. From Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, AVAX, Solana to Bitcoin Ordinals, Litecoin, and Doge Network, we enable seamless NFT launches across the most popular EVM chains and beyond. Embrace a diverse user base and expand your project's reach across various blockchain ecosystems, unlocking new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Fair NFT Distribution During the Initial Token Offering

Effortless NFT Deployment: Simplify the process of deploying your NFTs with our user-friendly interface. Our Turnkey Solution automates cross-chain deployment, streamlining the minting and distribution of your NFTs across chosen networks. Say goodbye to complicated deployment processes and hello to a hassle-free, efficient experience for both creators and investors.

Potential Long-Term Success

Secure and Trusted Platform: Security is our top priority. With our NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution, you can trust that your valuable NFT assets and associated data are safeguarded from potential threats. We follow industry best practices and employ robust security measures, ensuring a safe environment for all transactions and interactions.

Decoding the Mechanism of a NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpads have emerged as a novel phenomenon within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, serving as specialized platforms for startups to mint and sell their non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Unlike other token sale platforms, such as ICOs, STOs, IEOs, IDOs, and IGOs, NFT Launchpads are uniquely tailored for NFT creation and sales. These platforms offer a range of tools and resources to assist startups in minting NFTs and conducting successful token sales. The projects featured on NFT Launchpads undergo verification to ensure reliability and potential, instilling a sense of security and trust among investors. This verification process enables investors to discover valuable NFT projects and acquire tokens at favorable prices. In summary, NFT Launchpads play a pivotal role as valuable resources for startups seeking to launch NFT projects and for investors on the lookout for promising NFT opportunities.

Empowering Creators to Monetize their Work

The increasing prominence of marketplace platforms has created an avenue for NFTs and decentralized social media platforms, offering creators exceptional possibilities to monetize their work efficiently. Embracing NFT technology empowers creators to enjoy a range of benefits, fundamentally transforming how they exhibit their creations and generate profits. By capitalizing on this innovative technology, creators can tap into a new era of showcasing and profiting from their artistic endeavors.

NFTs Enhance Investor Asset Security:


NFTs play a crucial role in bolstering the security of an investor's ownership of assets. With the ability to uniquely tokenize digital assets, NFTs offer a secure and verifiable way to assert ownership, ensuring transparency and reducing the risk of fraudulent claims. The NFT market witnessed remarkable growth, with the gaming segment leading the way, contributing to approximately 23% of the total NFT sales revenue in 2020.

Growth and Authenticity in NFT Market:

$24.9 Bn

In 2021, the total NFT sales volume surged to an impressive $24.9 billion, as studies by leading institutes demonstrated. This substantial increase reaffirms the ease with which NFTs can prove the authenticity of digital assets, paving the way for further expansion and adoption in the digital economy.

NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution Features

Multi-Chain Compatibility

Seamlessly support NFT launches across various blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, AVAX, Solana, Bitcoin Ordinals, Litecoin, and Doge Network. Reach diverse audiences and tap into the potential of different blockchain ecosystems.

Effortless NFT Minting and Deployment

When investors are interested in a particular NFT, they will typically want to know more about the project before making a purchase. This is where the project card and detailed description on the NFT launchpad come in

Cross-Chain Deployment Automation

Say goodbye to complex deployment procedures. Our Turnkey Solution automates cross-chain deployment, ensuring that your NFTs are available on multiple networks without unnecessary hassle.

Enhanced Security Measures

The primary function of accepting and listing items from creators involves several key aspects. One of the most common and specific tasks is the process of reviewing and approving applications from creators

Wide Range of Network Support

Benefit from support for prominent EVM chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and AVAX, as well as expanding beyond to networks like Solana, Bitcoin Ordinals, Litecoin, and Doge Network. Open up new possibilities for collaboration and user engagement.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enjoy a cost-effective approach to NFT minting and storage. Our Turnkey Solution provides an efficient alternative to expensive smart contracts and high marketplace fees.

Investor Engagement and Funding Opportunities

Attract eager investors through early-stage funding rounds. Connect with a community of crypto enthusiasts interested in supporting innovative NFT projects.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate our platform with ease. Whether you're a seasoned blockchain user or a newcomer, our intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for all users.

Crypto Wallets Integration

Access our NFT launchpad seamlessly by authorizing via popular NFT-supporting wallets like MetaMask, Hiro, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Xverse, and more. Enjoy secure and convenient access to explore, invest, and engage in the thrilling realm of NFT projects.

How the NFT Launchpad Platform Works?

The NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution functions as a comprehensive platform that facilitates the seamless launch of non-fungible token (NFT) projects across multiple blockchain networks. The process unfolds as follows:



Project Submission and Review

NFT creators submit their project proposals to the NFT Launchpad platform. The submitted projects undergo a meticulous review process to ensure their feasibility, uniqueness, and potential value to the NFT community.



Chain Selection and Configuration

Creators choose the blockchain networks where they intend to launch their NFTs. These can include Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, AVAX, Solana, Bitcoin Ordinals, Litecoin, Doge Network, and more. The platform assists in configuring the NFT deployment settings for the selected chains.



User Authentication and Wallet Integration

Users looking to explore NFT projects or invest in them authenticate themselves via cryptocurrency wallets that support NFTs, such as MetaMask, Enjin, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, AlphaWallet, and others. This integration ensures secure access to the NFT launchpad.



Early Funding Round and NFT Minting

Once a project is approved, it enters an early funding round. During this phase, investors can purchase NFTs linked to the project using their integrated wallets. After successful investments, NFT minting takes place, where the digital assets are tokenized using smart contracts.



NFT Customization and Metadata

Creators customize their NFTs with unique attributes, metadata, and additional information that enhance their appeal. These details provide potential investors with insights into the NFT's significance and value.



Cross-Chain Deployment Automation

The NFT Launchpad Turnkey Solution automates the deployment of minted NFTs across the chosen blockchain networks. This cross-chain functionality ensures that the NFTs are available on all selected chains, widening the exposure of the project.



Marketing and Community Engagement

Throughout the process, the platform's marketing efforts and community engagement initiatives raise awareness about the upcoming NFT launch. This exposure attracts more investors and contributes to the project's success.



Secondary Market Trading and Ongoing Support

After the launch, NFT holders can trade their tokens on secondary markets. The NFT Launchpad continues to provide support, community management, and technical assistance to ensure the project's longevity and growth.

Data Security

Backup of data in two modes

Two data backup modes are available: real-time replication and daily scheduled backup. Real-time replication instantly mirrors changes, providing continuous protection. On the other hand, the daily scheduled backup saves modified data at predetermined intervals, ensuring regular data preservation. Choose the mode that suits your needs best.

Authorization through
two-factor authentication

Exchange employs two-factor authentication to bolster the security of multiple admin panels. This process entails sending a secure link via email and requesting a token, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to the system. By requiring both the secure link and token, the system ensures enhanced authorization measures, safeguarding sensitive information and bolstering overall security.

IP-based access restrictions

IP-based access restrictions involve associating an IP address with a login password or key to control system access. In Exchange, for instance, the payment system can only be accessed from a pre-defined IP address, ensuring secure and limited access to authorized users. This mechanism adds an extra layer of protection, mitigating potential unauthorized access and enhancing overall security measures.

Database with encryption

Client personal information is stored in an encrypted database partition, ensuring that the data remains inaccessible even from the server itself. This encryption measure provides an additional layer of security, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access and protecting the privacy of clients' data.

Replication of databases securely

Secure replication of databases is achieved through SSL-enabled database replication, effectively eliminating the risk of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. By employing SSL encryption, the data transmission between the databases is protected from interception and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the replicated data.

Access Security

Access logs

For auditing and security purposes, all database server accesses are logged, providing a comprehensive trail of actions, including details like timestamps, users, operations performed, and data involved. This meticulous logging ensures accountability, helps detect potential breaches, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and data governance practices.

External data exchange that is secure

To ensure secure external data exchange, a unique authentication key is used when interacting with external systems like payment systems. After each data exchange, the signature is verified to guarantee its authenticity and maintain a high level of data security and integrity throughout the process. This approach provides a robust and reliable method to safeguard sensitive information during external data transactions.

SSH Keys

SSH keys are employed by Ment Tech personnel for server access, with access limited to a select few individuals who use encrypted disks on their computers. This measure effectively mitigates data breach risks resulting from laptop theft, ensuring the utmost confidentiality of sensitive information. By combining SSH keys and encrypted disks, the company ensures robust security measures are in place to safeguard critical data from unauthorized access.

Document security

Document security is prioritized by not storing any client documents within our database. Instead, data processing takes place through a cloud-based solution offered by a third-party provider. For utmost protection, all client documents are securely stored by third-party KYC (Know Your Customer) providers, strictly adhering to the contract terms. This approach ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive client information.

Change monitoring

Change monitoring is a crucial aspect of our security measures. We conduct continuous monitoring of critical data, including password hashes. In case of any alterations, immediate notifications are sent through two separate channels, ensuring real-time awareness and bolstering our security protocols. This proactive approach helps safeguard against potential security breaches and enhances overall data protection.

High-level DDoS mitigation is employed to secure our servers, preventing disruptive bad traffic while allowing good traffic to pass through smoothly, ensuring high availability and optimal performance of websites, applications, and APIs.

Dedicated Support Team

We are dedicated to providing support and taking responsibility when you need assistance, and will never pass the buck by saying it's not our issue. We maintain a comprehensive logging system for all comments and details from our developers across our entire product line, ensuring that we are able to assist you effectively without having to repeatedly ask for information.

Resources & Tutorials

Ment Tech places a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional user experience. This is achieved by partnering closely with clients and providing a wealth of tutorials and resources to assist with technical needs. The team is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience.


At Ment Tech, education is a key part of our service offering. We strive to provide our clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed, which is why we offer video training and demonstrations in addition to a wide range of tutorials and materials. Our goal is to ensure the ultimate user experience for our clients.

Dedicated Experts for Each Project

At Ment Tech, we take great pride in our commitment to excellence. With an unwavering dedication to delivering successful outcomes, we ensure that every project is handled by a team of dedicated experts. These professionals are carefully assigned based on their specialized skills and knowledge, ensuring that each endeavor receives the attention it deserves. Our emphasis on English language proficiency further ensures effective communication and understanding throughout the entire project lifecycle. Experience the difference of having expertly assigned teams working passionately to achieve your goals .


Project Manager

We provide each of our clients with a dedicated project manager, readily available to address inquiries and cater to their specific needs.


QA Engineer

All our projects are supported by a dedicated QA Engineer, ensuring meticulous testing and quality assurance to meet the highest standards of excellence.


DevOps Engineer

Our dedicated DevOps Engineer ensures seamless integration, continuous delivery, and efficient infrastructure management for successful project development.


UI & UX Engineer

Our UI/UX Engineer crafts intuitive designs and seamless interactions, delivering exceptional user experiences for your project.


Blockchain Engineer

The Blockchain Full-Stack Engineer develops innovative solutions, combining front-end and back-end expertise for execution.


Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst plays a crucial role in analyzing and interpreting data to inform effective business strategies, ensuring successful project outcomes.

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