Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution

Welcome to the Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution! This all-in-one platform empowers businesses to enable individuals and communities to effortlessly launch their own token projects and conduct seamless presales. Whether it's a fair launch, private sale, or public sale, our solution streamlines the entire process, making it accessible and efficient for everyone involved.

What is a Token Launchpad?

A Token Launchpad is a decentralised platform that enables users to create and sell tokens on multiple blockchains without requiring coding knowledge. This innovative platform offers a range of features, including automated token listing, token locking within liquidity pools, and token vesting periods. It supports various popular blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, Solana, Arbitrum etc, providing flexibility and accessibility to a wide user base. The native token of the Token Launchpad is the user's very own token.

The Token Launchpad is built on the foundation of the feature-rich engine, aimed at offering startups an easy and user-friendly solution to create and conduct token sales. Being relatively new, this platform provides venture owners with an advantage over potential competitors, ensuring a fresh and dynamic entry into the market. Extensive research conducted by experts has resulted in a ready-to-launch version of the platform, combining customizability and robust security. This turnkey solution can be tailored to specific business requirements and launched swiftly, avoiding the time-consuming and costly process of building a launchpad from scratch.

Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution Features

Token Creation and Listing

Our Token Launchpad allows users to easily create and launch their project tokens on multiple blockchains. They can list these tokens on popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs), expanding their token's reach to a broader audience and increasing liquidity options.

Customizable Launchpads

Our Token Launchpad Solution offers users the ability to create their launchpads without any coding knowledge. This feature enables projects to conduct token sales across various blockchains, granting access to a wider audience without the need for technical expertise.

Presale Vesting

With our solution, projects can lock tokens for teams and presales, adding an extra layer of security to prevent rug pulls and stabilize the token price. This feature not only instills confidence in investors but also ensures a fair distribution of tokens, protecting their investments.

Fair Launch Mechanism

Our Token Launchpad incorporates a fair launch feature that allocates a fixed price for a project's tokens post-token sale event. This functionality thwarts potential pump-and-dump schemes orchestrated by malicious actors, fostering a stable and equitable token price for investors.

Dutch Auction Option

The Dutch auction feature within our Token Launchpad facilitates descending bidding for a project's tokens. This mechanism allows businesses to sell tokens at the highest possible price, while investors can purchase tokens at a fair market value. This balanced approach benefits both parties involved.

Subscription Model

Our Token Launchpad also offers a subscription feature, wherein investors receive tokens based on the proportion of cryptocurrency they commit compared to the total amount contributed by all investors. This model ensures a proportional and transparent distribution of tokens during the sale.

Private Sale Capability

For select investors, our platform supports private token sales. Projects can provide exclusive benefits, such as bonuses or discounts, to investors who have earned them through community contests or other promotional activities. This feature enhances community engagement and rewards early supporters.

Efficient Airdrop Functionality

Projects can securely and decentralizedly airdrop tokens to community members using our Token Launchpad. Airdrops can be employed as powerful promotion tools to increase community engagement and raise awareness of the project.

Multi-Sender Feature:

Our Token Launchpad Solution includes a convenient multi-sender feature, allowing projects to send tokens to multiple wallet addresses simultaneously. This efficient distribution method is ideal for reaching a large number of recipients, whether for one-time events or ongoing transactions.

Advantages of Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution

Community Participation

A Token launchpad offers businesses the opportunity to utilize its community for various processes inside the platform, which helps to ensure that the platform remains truly decentralized. This allows businesses to tap into the wisdom of the crowd and benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of the community. For example, businesses can use the community to help with marketing, community management, and even development of new features.


Since a Token launchpad is decentralized, it can make it easier for businesses to create partnerships with exchanges. This is because decentralized platforms typically have a more open and transparent structure, which can help to build trust between businesses and exchanges. As a result, businesses that use a Token launchpad may have an easier time getting their tokens listed on major exchanges.

Fundraising Options

Having a variety of fundraising options in a token launchpad solution can enhance a venture's performance as it allows projects to launch tokens in their own launchpads. This gives businesses more flexibility and control over the fundraising process, allowing them to choose the option that best suits their needs. For example, some businesses may prefer to conduct an ICO while others may choose to conduct an IEO or STO. The ability to launch tokens in their own launchpads also allows businesses to build a strong community and establish a direct relationship with their investors.

Multi-chain Support

Multi-chain support is not only useful for users, but also for businesses. By supporting multiple blockchains, the token launchpad provides businesses with the flexibility to launch their tokens on a variety of networks. This can help businesses to reach a wider user base and expand their market potential. For example, a business may choose to launch their tokens on Ethereum, which has a large and established user base, or on a newer blockchain such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which may have lower fees and faster transaction times. This can help businesses to reach new audiences and tap into different markets.

Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution Benefits

User-Friendly and Intuitive

Our Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution is thoughtfully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Its user interface requires no coding knowledge, making it incredibly easy for users to create tokens, launchpads, and conduct token sale events for their projects effortlessly. With just a few clicks, anyone can navigate through the platform and initiate their token project without any technical hurdles.

Seamless Exchange Integration

Our Token Launchpad provides seamless exchange support, enabling crypto projects to list their tokens on a wide range of centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. Should projects choose to sell their tokens externally, our platform ensures a smooth and hassle-free listing process, maximizing exposure and liquidity for their tokens.

Dedicated Technical Support

Projects that leverage our Token Launchpad gain access to a valuable resource - the assistance of our certified community members. These experts are readily available to provide technical and marketing support, guiding projects to optimize their token launches and attract more funds. The expertise of our community members enhances the overall success and growth of projects using our platform.


Revenue Streams for Businesses with our Turnkey Solution

Token Minting Fees

Users are charged fees for minting different types of project tokens, including Standard, Liquidity Generator, Baby, and Buyback Baby tokens.

Launchpad Fees

Fees are levied for creating launchpads to facilitate token sales. This includes a proportion of sales in addition to a base fee.

Airdrop Fees

Conducting airdrops within the platform's ecosystem incurs fees, similar to the previous cases.

Anti-bot Fees

To counter sniper bots in both centralized and decentralized exchange listings, users are charged anti-bot fees for employing effective solutions.

Fair Launch Fees

Setting up a fair launch on the Token Launchpad involves a fee, similar to the launchpad fees.

Private Sales Fees

Users incur fees for organizing private token sales on the Token Launchpad, following the same fee mechanism as before.

Native Token Sales

Platform profitability can be achieved by launching legitimate projects to the community after rigorous vetting, making it a worthwhile investment opportunity.

Why Choose Our Token Launchpad Turnkey Solution?

Ment Tech is a leading company specializing in the development of cutting-edge web3 applications. With a sizable team of experienced professionals, they have successfully delivered a substantial number of projects. Continuously staying abreast of industry trends, Ment Tech introduces innovative solutions like their token launchpad.

  • Adept Blockchain Developers
  • On-time Delivery
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Advanced Tech Stacks
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  • Round-the-Clock Support

If you are interested in building your own Token launchpad or venturing into the world of web3 applications, Ment Tech, can provide expert consultation to kickstart your project. Schedule a meeting today with one of their seasoned experts to discuss your vision and begin your journey towards success in the web3 space.

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All our projects are supported by a dedicated QA Engineer, ensuring meticulous testing and quality assurance to meet the highest standards of excellence.


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